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Bandai Gunpla Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Unit Model Kit

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Bandai Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Unit

A new line of Gundam real action figure models, "Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Unit". The figures are 3.34" tall with stylish proportions. This affordable price and the palm-sized figure series features full articulation. By combining big and small size lines, the play value of this model can be expanded. Meticulously molded, and with a strongly-built design, these come with many accessories including connectable parts.

A cross between a traditional Gundam Model Kit and an action figure, it has some parts that need assembly and includes 'Gundam (THE ORIGIN) A', 'Gundam (THE ORIGIN) B', 'Char's Zaku A', 'Char's Zaku B', 'Gundam Barbatos A', 'Gundam Barbatos B', 'Gundam Alex A' and 'A Gundamlex B'. Each character has 2 versions (A, B) with different equipment.