G1 Transformers Doubledealer Action Figure Vintage 1988

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G1 Transformers Doubledealer

Vintage G1 Transformers Doubledealer Powermasters Decepticon Action Figure

Doubledealer will make a great gift for any Transformers collector! A ruthless, battle-ready robot for rent. A traitorous backstabber. Only loyal to the highest bidder. Valued by all, trusted by none. When binary-bonded to Knok, Doubledealer disguises himself as an Autobot robot. When binary-bonded to the bat creature, Skar, Doubledealer transforms into a Decepticon falcon. Armed with intercontinental ballistic missile that can travel 3,000 miles in 30 minutes. Equipped with enough explosives to flatten a mountain range. Uses solid light blaster in robot mode.

CONDITION: In excellent condition, but INCOMPLETE. Joints are all tight, click as they should, and it transforms completely. Stickers appear to be all there, and in great shape with no peeling or scuffs. The two powermasters (a red "humanoid" one for Autobot mode, and a purple "bat" one for Decepticon mode) and the missile are missing. Actual pictures shown, please view the photos and judge for yourself.

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