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G1 Transformers Raindance & Grandslam Mini-Cassette Figures

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G1 Transformers Raindance & Grandslam

Vintage G1 Transformers Raindance & Grandslam Mini-Cassette Autobot Action Figures

These figures came as a 2-pack set back in 1988, and combine to become Slamdance, a humanoid robot mode. These two are quite hard to come by, and extremely rare to find complete or in-package, they will make a great gift for any Transformers collector!

CONDITION: Cassettes are in very good condition with all of their original decals and minimal paint wear. Grand Slam has 2 of his 3 weapons, the ones for Raindance are missing. Loose, no packaging. Actual pictures shown, please view the photos and judge for yourself.

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