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Galactic Strike Force Game Bundle

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Galactic Strike Force Game Bundle


Bundle includes the core game, miniatures pack, & playmat!

Galactic Strike Force is a cooperative, deck-building game in which two to six players each take control of a ship and a crew in defense of the galaxy! Dangerous opposition forces threaten to overrun the entire galaxy, and the players must not only build up their ships, but also work together tactically to stop them!

However, this Strike Force is not made up of stalwart defenders, space cops or Volnethian Guardians. In Galactic Strike Force, you play as scoundrels — members of the galactic underworld! Smugglers, space pirates, gun runners, bounty hunters, and information brokers make up the ranks of the Strike Force which has come together to defend the galaxy!

Galactic Strike Force takes about an hour to play and all of the players are engaged throughout the entire game. Rather than having individual turns, each player is constantly acting through the phases of the game, and each ship is in constant peril! As the game progresses, players travel from sector to sector, purchasing powerful tech upgrades for their ships and boosts to help them in battle.


  • Players: 2-6
  • Ages: 14+
  • Play Time: 60 Minutes
  • Core Game Contents:
    • 10 Strike Force Ship Panels
    • 4 Opposition Flagship Panels
    • 10 Sector Panels
    • 315 Cards:
      • 10 8-Card Strike Force Decks
      • 5 20-Card Opposition Ship Decks
      • 5 9-Card Opposition Mission Decks
      • 90 Station Cards
    • 21 Divider Cards
    • 4 Sheets of Tokens
    • 16 Plastic Bases
    • 1 Rule Book
  • Miniatures Pack Contents:
    • 10 Strike Force Ships
    • 5 Opposition Flagships
  • Playmat Details:
    • UV, Scratch, & Tear Resistent Vinyl
    • 28" x 60"