Kharnage... Hell Yearghh! Game

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Kharnage... Hell Yearghh!

Kharnage... Hell Yearghh! Game Asmodee Games

Kharnage is a card game of frenzied battles and unforgiving fantasy warfare for two to four players. Each round, you and your opponents bring new forces to the battlefield, then use those forces to beat the living daylights out of your enemies. With four unique factions - Dwarves, Goblins, Humans, and Orcs - featuring four different playstyles, every game of Kharnage feels completely different. And no matter which faction you play, your goal is the same: to cause more damage and wreak more havoc than any other player!


  • 4 Armies:
    • Humans
    • Dwarves
    • Orcs
    • Goblins
  • 137 Army cards (the cannon fodder of your army)
  • 5 Chiefs (Goblins have 2 chiefs, they cheat before the beginning of the game)
  • 4 Game Help cards
  • 28 Battle cards (7 per army)
  • 18 Kharnage cards
  • 12 Domination cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • Players: 2-4
  • Average Play Time: 30 Minutes

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