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Marvel Universe Captain America Bust Bank

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Captain America Bust Bank


Manufacturer: Monogram
Series: Marvel Universe Vinyl Bank
Design: Avengers - Captain America

Coming from Monogram International, it's The Marvel Universe Captain America Bust Bank... your favorite Marvel super heroes and villains are ready to help ypu save some money! Captain America will shield your cash from sticky fingers, let one of the Marvel Universe's mightiest heroes guard your spare change.Fully painted and highly detailed functional vinyl bank features coin slot on back and removable cap lock on bottom. America's patriotic hero, Captain America, comes to life as this rotocast bust bank from Monogram.

The Captain America Bust Bank is the simplest savings account around, and it also doubles as a great collectible. Display it on your shelf, fill it with change, and watch your net worth grow! Use it either as a bank to store your loose change or as a sculpture to place on your shelf!


  • 8" Tall
  • Captain America - Avengers Version
  • Coin Bank
  • Rotocast Vinyl