Marx Magic Shot Shooting Gallery Game

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Marx Magic Shot Shooting Gallery Game

Vintage 1975 Marx Magic Shot Shooting Gallery Arcade Game

Magic Shot Magnetic Shooting Gallery is a safely enclosed "arcade" to challenge your shooting skills. Load your magnetic gun by sliding it over the pellets, then press the muzzle of the pistol against the screen to take aim at the targets. All pellets are completely enclosed at all times. The gallery includes turning and spinning targets, 25 metal balls, and a pistol. The game is powered by the magic of magnets, so no batteries are necessary! Recommended for children 4 years and up. After disappearing from store shelves in the late ‘70s, The Magic Shot Shooting Gallery recently reappeared on the retail scene. Manufacturer Alex Brands offers an updated version of the game under the Ideal brand.

CONDITION: COMPLETE & FULLY FUNCTIONAL. Pistol works perfectly, and still fires the balls with good velocity. Targets all turn and spin as intended. Little to no discoloration to cream colored cabinet (it came cream colored and was never white). Plastic window has some surface scratching from having been played with. The screen should be easily repaird by using some polishing compound to buff out the scratches. I leave that option up to the discretion of the buyer. The coiled cord attaching the pistol to the cabinet is missing (very rare to find one that still has this cord). Original red velcro on pistol & side of cabinet still works great. Box is in very good shape, but has some issues: Color is still vivid, minimal discoloration, and just a few unnoticable tears to the box flaps. No writing, no coloring, no stamps, no stickers, and no tape. Neat & complete! Actual pictures shown, please view the photos and judge for yourself.


  • Arcade style shooter game that's been entertaining children for more than 40 years
  • Fully enclosed shooting arena provides safe fun
  • No batteries and no power cords to contend with
  • Includes original box


  • Tilt the game forward to reset the targets and roll balls into holding cells
  • Place the tip of the magnetic shooter against the clear plastic screen near a metal ball. The tip will pick-up the ball
  • Continue to hold the tip of the shooter against the screen while you aim
  • When you’re ready, pull the trigger. The magnetic action inside the tip of the shooter will launch the ball at the target

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