Playmates Star Trek The Motion Picture Ilia Probe

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Ilia Probe Action Figure


Manufacturer: Playmates
Series: Warp Factor Series 2
Character Family: Star Trek The Motion Picture
Character: Ilia Probe
MPN: 65102
Year of Manufacture: 1997
Condition: MOC

This is a vintage 1997 Star Trek action figure from Playmates. It is from Warp Factor Series 2, and is NOS: New in unopened packaging. Card shows some minor shelf wear, but is in excellent condition. Makes a great gift for any Star Trek or action figure collector!

Stardate 7412.6. When a destructive machine organism calling itself V’Ger was detected heading for Earth, Admiral James T. Kirk requested a temporary demotion to Captain so he could once again command the U.S.S. Enterprise and confront the entity. Lt. Ilia, A Deltan, was assigned as his navigator. When V’Ger scanned the Enterprise bridge, it digitized Ilia into is database. V’Ger then created a probe in Ilia’s image to explore the Enterprise, which V’Ger believed was a life-form. Kirk discovered that V’Ger was once Voyager 6, an ancient NASA exploration craft. V’Ger transmitted its accumulated knowledge, which caused it to evolve to a higher plane, taking Ilia and Cmdr. Decker with it.


  • V'Ger Probe
  • Multiple Points of Articulation
  • Starfleet Action Base
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