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Vintage 1979 The Krusher 14" Monster Figure

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Mattel Krusher 14" Monster Figure

RARE Vintage 1979 Mattel Krusher 14" Monster Figure Stretch Armstrong Enemy

The monster that will grow on you! That was one of Mattel's marketing lines for Krusher their new toy of 1979. Krusher stands 14 inches tall and his special feature is that he has a valve on the back of his red belt that, when opened, allows air to escape and you can "crush" him down in to a crumpled state. The mold used for Krusher was very good, and had sufficient detail to make him look like a genuine scaly reptilian alien monster. He's become pretty popular with collectors and his value has been climbing.

Condition: VERY GOOD - Loose figure, no packaging. Excellent color retention, all colors are still nice and vivid, as if it were new, including the plastic orange belt. The rubber has come away at the waist on his left side, which means he won't hold his squished shape. It can be repaired, but this requires someone with patience, which is not me! :) The photos do not do it justice. Neat & complete! Actual pictures shown, please view the photos and judge for yourself.

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