Web of Spies Secret Agent Board Game

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Web of Spies Secret Agent Board Game

Cole Medediros Games: Web of Spies Secret Agent Board Game

Web of Spies is a game of espionage, exotic locations and powerful assets. Players send their agents to travel the world, acquire powerful assets & eliminate enemy agents in an epic struggle of spycraft, action, and intrigue! It plays for 2 to 4 players in a little over an hour, and ends when any player is eliminated, revealing the strongest agency as the winner! Each turn, you have 5 cards (drawn from your own personal deck) that you can use in multiple ways: MOVE, ACQUIRE, SABOTAGE, and ATTACK.

This is where the tactical fun of Web of Spies happens. With just 5 cards, you have a lot of choices to make. Where will you move? What assets will you acquire? Will you attack now, or wait until the moment is just right? Balancing your efforts between acquiring powerful assets and using them at the right time is the strategy of Web of Spies!

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