DC Comics Superhero Collection

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Eaglemoss DC Comics Superhero Collection


Each Eaglemoss figurine stands in 1:21 scale, with a detailed sculpt drawn from official reference photos and scans. Each figurine is cast in metal and resin, and comes hand-painted by Eaglemoss's ace paints team. Finally, in addition to a figurine inside a handsome window box, collectors also receive a character booklet, detailing the exploits of your favorite DC universe characters!

Available Characters:
★ The Joker
★ Penguin
★ Catwoman
★ Deathstroke
★ Poison Ivy
★ Ra's al Ghul
★ Batgirl
★ The Flash ★ Batman
★ Superman
★ Wonder Woman
★ Robin
★ Deadshot
★ Power Girl
★ Nightwing
★ Two-Face
★ Lex Luthor
★ Supergirl

Coming Soon:
Harley Quinn

Manufacturer: Eaglemoss
Size: 1:21 scale (3¾"
Material: Metallized Resin