Ideal Steve Canyon Electronic Fighter Jet

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Ideal Electronic Fighter Jet

Vintage 1959 Ideal Steve Canyon Electronic Fighter Jet Pilot Cockpit Toy

This is a vintage Electronic Fighter Jet toy pilot cockpit, made by IDEAL in 1959. Great design w/detailed control panel including manually operated gauges for fuel quantity, altitude, direction, plus a number of other switches and dials. Battery-operated features include "radar control", projecting six different moving targets, rapid fire rocket guns with six (missing) safety tip darts. Control handle moves the sight on the radarscope as well as a separate plane-shaped attachment on the "Bank And Turn" dial. The "Rocket Fire Panel" on top is spring-loaded w/manual firing mechanism. This was part of the Steve Canyon line of toys. Original retail price in 1959 was $20, which was A LOT of money back then!! Makes a nice display piece.

CONDITION: UNTESTED. The battery compartment looks good, no visible issues there. The top of the cockpit has a crack, which goes to the socket for the left side of the "missile rack", which makes that part not not sit straight. There is also a chunk missing from the bottom front-right of the cockpit which is purely cosmetic and does not affect functionality. Two of the clear plastic gauge covers and their dials are missing. It may or may not function, we have not tested it, but there isn't much too these toys in terms of "electronics" so it should work with or without some minor tinkering. Displays well. Actual pictures shown, please view the photos and judge for yourself. Sold AS-IS.

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